Body Role Models

I have had so many different body role models. Is that the right term? Meh. Whatever. You know what I mean. Women I look up to because I want to look like them, have their bodies, noses, whatever. They used to be women like Blake Lively, Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson, etc. Really naturally thin waif-like gorgeous women with seemingly perfect hair, eyes, and bodies (mainly their bodies, I’m a-ok with my hair and eyes).
But I realized something in the last year – wishing that I looked like them and being sad that I don’t makes no sense. You can’t be milk chocolate and try to be white chocolate and get upset that you aren’t. You’re still super tasty all on your own. Was that food analogy super lame? I feel like it was but I have nothing better to replace it with sooooo yeah… Setting goals to try and attain their body types or any type that doesn’t match my frame isn’t ever going to work for me. Not ever. Because I’m curvy. I have big hips and a large frame. They do not. There’s nothing waif-like about me. My arms and thighs are thick. Even when I’ve been thinner, I’m still thick. And that’s cool too. It’s just a different look – under this thermal layer I’m currently sporting I mean.

I think it’s important for people to set attainable goals and be realistic with yourself. I will never have a different body type no matter how much weight I lose or how much I work out. The women that I swoon over now and are my body role models have closer body types to my own. Ashley Graham is a big role model of mine (not BIG, but big, yknow?) and I’m sure countless other thicker women that are embracing what God gave them. I kept thinking, “She’s so hot right now” when I mentioned Ashley Graham like Will Ferrell does in the first Zoolander movie about Owen Wilson or whoever. Remember? SO FUNNY.

For the first time in my life, my goal isn’t to be 120 pounds and wear a size 4. It’s to be around 170 pounds and healthy. If I reach my desired fitness level and body look at 180 pounds, I’ll stop trying to lose and start the maintenance phase. If I reach 170 pounds and think I still could lose 5-10 more pounds, I’ll keep going until I hit a level where I feel great and am happy.

Another body role model for me is Georgina from the blog Fuller Figure Fuller Bust. She’s curvy and rocks it and is happy! She works out all the time and is stunning. And Misses Brielle – a plus-size model I follow on Instagram is also so beautiful. Look em both up on Insta – you won’t regret it.

One thing these women all have in common other than their curves is that they are confident. These are actually women that are more than just body role models for me. They are women that I look up to because of their confidence and outgoing, positive personalities. They seem so fun. I know it may not seem like it because I’m so hilarious, but I can be a BIT of a wet blanket at times. Especially when talking about how I look.

So yeah, here’s to attainable body goals and women to look up to and learn from! 🙂