Time Off to Regroup

So, I took a few months off of my big goals and big rewards. I realized that I was killing myself (not literally) trying to make the 45 pounds in three months and got completely overwhelmed by the number. It started with a week where I didn’t lose four pounds which I had to lose in order to make my three month goal, followed by another week where I didn’t hit the four pound mark. I was devastated and defeated. I was working out twice a day and sweating my ass off in combination with eating healthier and limiting my calories. It didn’t make sense to me. I was getting really down on myself and unable to see the progress that I had made. So, like every other time I set an unrealistic goal for myself, I quit.

I decided to try Weight Watchers a few months ago in the hope that it would work. I had seen a few different women that it worked for (on Instagram and Buzzfeed) and what they were eating looked pretty facking good. There was a promotion where I could get the online support for 25% off and I took a chance and signed up for six months.

I also decided to forget about my calendar and setting pound goals by certain times. Insanity is doing the same thing but expecting different results, right? I ALWAYS set unrealistic time-tied goals for myself. And when I couldn’t reach those unrealistic goals, I quit. Every. Single. Time. Because eating 1,200 calories per day is not realistic for me. Cutting out all bread, pasta, and grains is not realistic for me. Cutting out all chocolate and anything FUN to eat is not realistic for me. I could go on, but you get the point.

Guess what? I’ve stayed on the program for three months (minus two weeks where there was some heavy personal issues happening and I wouldn’t sweat meal planning at all – BUT, when I said, “Monday, I have to take care of myself too.” I did. That has never happened before.

Do I “slip” here and there and eat way over my daily limit? Yes. Do I take birthdays and holidays “off”? For at least one meal, yes. Do I regret it and beat myself up about it? Not anymore. And I feel amazing.

Since joining WW, I’ve lost around 25 pounds and that includes my two weeks off, one holiday, and one birthday. Altogether, since having my baby 7.5 months ago, I’ve lost approximately 55 pounds. I started off with just doing the meals and following my point allowance. After about a month and a half, I got a gym membership and started going to the gym Monday-Wednesday-Friday. I have not missed one day of my scheduled gym time and I am so proud of myself!